Film directed by Israel Cardenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán arrives at The Colonial Gate.
The Colonial Gate Cinema 4 d, features of the 5 to the 25 October Samba tape, directed by Israel Cardenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán and who became the first Dominican film on display at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, It tells a story of redemption through boxing and the metaphor of the life in the streets of Santo Domingo.
Its protagonist, Francisco CastIllo (portrayed by Maicol Perez), Returns to the Dominican Republic after passing 15 years in prison in United States, and given the difficulty of finding a job, It uses boxing competitions to earn money fast and easy.
The term “Samba”, that it gives its name to the film, comes from the English “sand bag” (Sandbag), It is part of the equipment used by boxers to train. In the Dominican slang this word is used to refer to a person who always takes the hits of others.

Produced by the Italian Ettore D ’ Alessandro and the Dominican Carolina incarnation, Ribbon explores how the heat, the streets and the paradisiacal atmosphere of the island become an ideal retreat for the actor, that he found in boxing a second chance in life to redeem their sins and errors.

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