Death by a thousand cuts



Death by a thousand cuts, Eligio Eloy Vargas, alias Melaneo, a Dominican Rangers who labored in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, He was found dead, brutally murdered with machetes. Melaneo was patrolling in search of one of the points of illegal charcoal production, that in many cases they are operated by Haitians who cross the border and enter the forests protected from the Dominican Republic. This murder becomes a symbol of the history of the growing tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic environment to the massive deforestation and the illegal exploitation of coal.

Through stunning cinematography, Death by thousand cuts is a feature length documentary, whose essence is the investigation of a double murder. On the one hand seek to know the circumstances of the death of Melaneo, While on the other hand, the systematic eradication of the Dominican forests is highlighted.

The film interweaves the multiple aspects of the story of the murder of Melaneo, narrated by his Haitian spouse haze, his brother Chichi, the local reporter Luis Medrano and a Haitian, Nene, who works as a Dominican Rangers. Each one represents a different perspective on a complex thematic socio-political. At the same time, the film explores the wider context of the changing reality in the Dominican-Haitian border, product of the illegal trade and smuggling of coal. The documentary shows how deeply the deforestation transcends economic fabric, social and security of both countries, with far-reaching consequences, almost unnoticed by both Nations.

In so far as the documentary delves into the murder of Melaneo, environmentalist Dr. Yolanda Leon forms help to discover that the lives of Dominicans and Haitians in the border area are involved in a complex network of relationships where the Dominican complicity in the illegal production of coal and massive deforestation is uncovered.

How in many global conflicts over natural resources, the fight for survival produces scapegoats, xenophobia and clashes between communities, in this case marked by migratory policies approved by the Dominican Republic in recent years. These clashes have been converted into an emblem of the struggle by the resources at national and global level, facts, When he carried to extreme scenarios, they can produce persistent cycle Besides conflict and violence at international level.


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