"Jeffrey": Yanillys Pérez film in The Colonial Gate room

"A movie full of heart, where the audience laughs, He cries and the main character ends up in love with Jeffrey. The reality is stronger than fiction. Jeffrey us catches and the magic of the cinema makes us dream with him".

The Colonial Gate Cinema 4 d, features of the 16 November to the 20 December film "Feffrey" of the Dominican Director Yanillys Pérez. "The young Director has represented our country at more than thirty international film festivals with his first feature film. Taking the "Discovery Filmmaker Dropbox Award" in the prestigious Toronto film festival (TIFF) in its last edition of 2016 and a month ago another prize was in the Trinidad and Tobago festival, also in Cleveland "FilmSlam Best Picture Award" in the Edition 2017 In addition to the jury honor mention in New York HFFNY 2017.
Jeffrey is a child of 12 years who dreams of becoming a reggaeton singer, follow the steps of one of his older brothers Jeyson. It is a glass cleaner from 12 years of age, working from the 6 years, and it is one of the many children working in the streets of Santo Domingo, hoping to get some weights. He lives in Los Tres Brazos on the banks of the Ozama River. It is one of nine children who are raised by their single mother. His absent father lives far and rarely visits them. Along with Jeffrey live a roller coaster in pursuit of his dream.

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