Blue magic

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"Blue magic": Morales Yoel film in The Colonial Gate room

"A drama of adventure and fantasy, extremely rare and full of aesthetic emotions".
The Colonial Gate Cinema 4 d, features of the 28 November to the 16 January film "Blue magic" result of a team of enthusiastic Dominican filmmakers, led by director Yoel Morales and with the production of Cristian Mojica. THE drama of BelanovRA and fantasy, qualified by how rare production, It explores significant aspects of aesthetics and film language.
The plot of the film takes us to a remote location on the island of Santo Domingo, away from all traces of technology and modernity. Lives there Moses, a guy's 16 years, spoiled and apathetic attitude, that other has his mother Miriam seriously ill. The State of the mother's health worsens and decides to send him on an adventure by the depth of the forest, in search of a mystical blue fruit that has healing powers. His journey Moses meets a strange blue hair girl called Bel. She promises to help him in return that he defends it from the dangers to which it lives exposed.
The cast is made of by: Mario Nuñez, Marseille Jimenez, Esmaylin Morel, Lucas Mars, Lewis Castle, Edwin Garabito, Ruth Emeterio.
The screenings will take place from Tuesday to Sunday at the 8:15 PM. For reservation call 809. 682. 4829

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